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Well, my name is Zec Murphy (Hence the name of my site),
although on the net I normally go by the username S301 (Or a few
different versions of it). I'm 17 years old and have been interested
in trains all my life. I live in a suburb of Melbourne, in Victoria,
Australia. I'm in year 12 at Belgrave Heights Christian School,
which is a 2 minute drive from home.

I've got a medical condition called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia
type 2 A & B (I have bits of both, same as my mum), although good
luck finding any useful information on it. It is extremely hard.
This medical condition has caused me to have my thyroid, and
one of my parathyroids to be removed, and 3 lots of surgery on my
neck. I also had Hirschsprung's Disease when I was a baby. I have
to thank my surgeon Alex Auldist for saving my life, and for
removing my Thyroid and that pesky Parathyroid (It took near to
4 years to find it).

My main hobbies are Trains, Trainz, MSTS, Star Wars (I have over
80 of the books), Trains, creating new models for Trainz, my
model railway (I have G, L, 0, 00, HO, and N gauge models), lego,
and a few others I forget at the moment. My Trainz creations can
be viewed else where on this site. Same with my model railway.

I have liked trains since I was very little, and would like to be a
driver for CONNEX, VLine Passenger or Pacific National (The three
main operators in Victoria). I prefer steam locos, and early
diesels, including the B, S, and T class locos.

I'm a volunteer at Puffing Billy as a conductor, as well as a regular
'Young Volunteer'. Unfortunately I haven't been back to Puffing
Billy in a number of months as a volunteer.

I have 3 pets, a dog (Jojo), a cat (Mushroom), and a budgie

I'll probably keep changing this as time goes by, adding stuff,
removing stuff, changing things, and probably even re-writing it.


Below you will find a photo of me standing in front of G42 at
Puffing Billy on the second official first run of the locomotive...


©Zec Murphy 2007