The locomotive register for ZecRail consists of a mix of different prototypes. Only the
commonly used locos are listed here. This list will be added to as I find time.

VR V class #515
This model sold by Powerline, under the LinkLine name. It is a simple repaint of a
Frateschi 2-8-0 steam locomotive to represent a Victorian Railways V class steam
loco. Although not accurate, it is a cheap beginners model that looks reasonable close.
A dressup kit is available for this loco to make it a better representation. My model
has not had the dressup kit applied. It has however been fitted with an NCE D12SR
decoder, with an LED in the headlight. It has also been fitted with SE EC87 couplers.


V/Line B class #84
This model was produced by Lima as a limited edition model. It represents the
Victorian Railways B class locomotive, number 84, in V/Line Tangerine livery. The
model is a reasonable representation, and was a good model for beginners in
Australian model railways. Unfortunately Lima is out of business, and these are no
longer produced. The model is still fitted with original Lima couplers, and has an NCE
D13SRJ decoder installed, with LED headlights also fitted.

BR Castle Class #4079 Pendennis Castle
This model is produced by Hornby, and represents the GWR's Castle class locomotive
#4079, Pendennis Castle, in BR livery. The model is nicely detailed, and a reasonably
well performing loco. The loco is a little on the pricey side when compared with the
detail offered on other, similar priced, locos. The loco is fitted with an NCE N12SRP
decoder, and still has the original hornby couplers fitted.

CFCLA T class #377
This model is produced by Auscision, and is a limited edition model of a Victorian
Railways T class locomotive in Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia (CFCLA)
livery, number 377. The model is extremely well detailed, and runs very nicely on DC.
Although it is 'DCC ready' some modifications are required before it can be run on
DCC. The main modification is the replacement of the light bulbs fitted with LED's.
It is planned to fit a TCS MC4 to this model, it does not currently have a decoder
fitted. It has been fitted with SE EC87 couplers.

Rail Zeppelin
This model was produced by Marklin, and represents the 'rail zeppelin', built in the
1930s. I'm lead to believe it is not an accurate model, but I see it as more of a 'fun'
model. It is regularly used on my layout when running DC for a bit of fun. The model
has some cool features, such as the propeller being able to 'idle' by putting a minimum
amount of power to the track. The model is not fitted with DCC, and there are no
plans to convert it to DCC. It does not have couplers.

©Zec Murphy 2007